kids BEDS made in DEVON

We create dens & spaces for children to play, explore, learn & dream, .....disguised as BEDS


explore our wonderful beds

So much thought and love has gone into creating these incredible dens & spaces. Our bed will grow with your child and give (them) him or her and their friends hours of play, fun and laughter.

stunning den curtains

Fire up your child's imagination with our beautiful den curtains. What adventures will they go on? what stories can they tell? what new places will they discover ? Learn,  play, explore and dream.

Our story

so much changed in our lives when Harry was 9. Read our story about why we decided to create these gorgeous beds.

Write 'Harry' a story and get a certificate

Its more than a bed. We wanted to encourage Harry to learn in a non threatening fun environment. So each bed & incredible den curtain has a  theme, that hopefully will excite & inspire your child to write a story, draw a picture or simply discover more about our amazing planet.  

love bedtime

Bed time is so special. Its the place in our family were we read stories, cuddle up, talk about whats happened during the day, give Harry a dream (often using the den curtains for ideas).

the design

each bed has been hand crafted and made with love, care and attention. We only use wood, no MDF in sight and all or paints are non toxic.

safe and safe

our beds conform to British Standards. At the forefront of each desgn is safety, nothing else matters

so much planning before a bed is even made

animals/ places....inspire your child..all unique art...dream/learn allow them to visit far fliung places and make up adventures of their own..........get them to use the places and write adventures of their own...send us the story and they will get a prize...learning and fun together...no stress



all started when Harry was 9. I was an occupatinal therapist spent most of my working life on the road, i loved preactical......we built a mock one and watched how they interacted....amazing..just a psca to be with friends on theor own etc


let the bed grow with you

we create dens & spaces for children to play, explore, imagine & dream....cunnuningle disgusied as beds


where art, furniture & learning meet

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ates and priority support in our forums. Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key? No, your...